Manchester Global MBA Open Evening – 18 May 2023

We are delighted to have Mr Xavier Duran, our MBA Programmes Director at our Manchester Global MBA Open Evening held at our centre. Conducted in a hybrid manner, our participants got to engage and experience a feel of an MBA workshop alongside our students and alumni in our masterclass – “The Make or Buy Dilemma: Transaction Cost Economics”. Their questions were also answered live in our MBA preview by Mr Xavier as well as the admissions team.

The energy and enthusiasm in the room were palpable as our participants gained firsthand insights with Mr Xavier on the complexities of Transaction Cost Economics. Our participants also got the opportunity to share their experiences with one another and network with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. In today’s cost-conscious world, businesses often resort to outsourcing and subcontracting to streamline their cost structures.  However, there are potential pitfalls of over-reliance on such practices, especially considering the evolving landscape of the digital economy. With real-world case studies, our participants learned the importance of trust in finding the delicate balance in the make-or-buy dilemma.

We like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Xavier Duran and all our enthusiastic participants who participated in our Manchester Global MBA Open Evening. Stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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