Social Responsibility Part 3 of 6 – Alumni Profile: Mr Ong Lay Ann

“The University of Manchester fosters a strong camaraderie and a deep sense of social responsibility amongst their students and staff – we can do so much more when all hands are on deck,” said Mr. Ong Lay Ann.

Mr. Ong graduated from The University of Manchester with a Law Degree in 1998 and MBA in 2000. Today, he is the Founder and Director of WestStar Industrial (WSI:ASX), Director of Asia Digital Ventures, and Naiise Ventures.

Mr. Ong worked with companies, including Citibank and ABN, before he was headhunted for a CTO position at a private bank. While climbing the career ladder, he learned and witnessed the benefits of continuous education and upskilling.

During our 30th Anniversary, Mr. Ong made a generous donation to our fundraising campaign. He strongly believes in The University of Manchester’s charitable cause to empower lower-income individuals and families with skills and opportunities. He has also partnered with the university to participate in the Business Inquiry Projects, where the students get real-life consultancy opportunities through projects for selected organisations.

“Now, as we move on to post-pandemic, we face high inflation and rising costs. Hence, it is essential we equip lower-income families with the necessary support that will help them run the extra mile and to nurture them for a bright future,” Mr. Ong said.

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