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The University of Manchester’s research has real-world impact beyond academia. We are at the forefront of the search for solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, seeking to be a global force for positive change.

From tackling cancer and poverty to finding the energy solutions of the future, our research is making a real difference to the quality of people’s lives across the globe.

University of Manchester scientists awarded a Guinness World Record for the ‘Finest Woven Fabric’

A team of scientists from The University of Manchester have been honoured with the Guinness World Record for weaving threads of individual molecules together to …

Greener AND cheaper: Graphene@Manchester solves concrete’s big problem
A joint venture between graphene specialists at The University of Manchester and alumni-led construction firm Nationwide Engineering has developed a product that could revolutionise the
Research News
Manchester scientists accelerate path to drugs for COVID-19
Scientists at The University of Manchester have developed a more efficient method to produce medicines that are in development for the treatment of COVID-19, cancer
Research News
‘Causal’ blood pressure genes found in the human kidney
An international team of scientists led by The University of Manchester have discovered 179 kidney genes responsible for high blood pressure. High blood pressure, known

Scientists crack ‘the Brazil-nut’ puzzle, how do the largest nuts rise to the top?

Scientists have for the first time captured the complex dynamics of particle movement in granular materials, helping to explain why mixed nuts often see the

Altered immune signature linked to Long-Covid

University of Manchester scientists have discovered a persistent alteration in the immune system of patients, six months after they have been hospitalised for Covid-19, which

Evidence supports Covid hearing loss link, say scientists

Hearing loss and other auditory problems are  associated with Covid-19 according to a systematic review of research evidence led by University of Manchester and NIHR

First in-flight 100% sustainable aviation fuel emissions study on takes off on commercial passenger jet

A team of aerospace specialists has launched the world’s first in-flight emissions study using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on a wide-body commercial passenger aircraft.

Study defines ideal children’s bedtime routine

A study by a University of Manchester psychologist has scientifically defined for the first time what constitutes a good bedtime routine for children between the

Simple urine test can detect womb cancer

A simple non-invasive test can accurately detect womb cancer according to a proof of concept study by University of Manchester and Manchester University NHS Foundation

Compound isolated from human sperm could treat genetic disorder

A newly discovered genetic condition caused by faulty protein synthesis which causes delayed development and learning difficulties could be treated by a compound originally isolated

Vaccines safe for majority of immunosuppressed children, find scientists

Both inactivated and live-attenuated vaccines generally produce an adequate immune response and are safe to use in children suffering with autoimmune diseases treated with all

Could game theory help discover intelligent alien life?

New research from The University of Manchester suggests using a strategy linked to cooperative game playing known as ‘game theory’ in order to maximise the
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