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Alliance Manchester Business School in the UK is a research-led school within a research-led university. Given our scale and breadth we aim to tackle big, contemporary problems that require long-term research commitment, while encouraging teamwork across multiple academic disciplines.

We draw on and contribute to the University’s world-leading research profile and international reputation for excellent higher education. Our core strengths are not just centred on the quality of our research, but also around our individual and collaborative work, our teaching and executive education, our collaboration with international partners, and around our advisory, policy and public speaking roles. This is encapsulated in our motto Original Thinking Applied.

We are also aligned to the University of Manchester’s wider research beacons which are tackling some of the biggest questions facing the planet.

Andre Geim

Andre Geim

2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

Andre Geim shared the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics with Kostya Novoselov for preparing and then characterising individual atomic planes of carbon, known as graphene. In 2004 they demonstrated how to extract and isolate graphene from graphite crystals using Sellotape. 

Geim also shared the 2000 Ig Nobel Prize in Physics for his tongue-in-cheek diamagnetic levitation of a live frog.


The University of Manchester’s research has real-world impact beyond academia. We are at the forefront of the search for solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, seeking to be a global force for positive change.

We are ranked 2nd in the UK for research power, and 4th for depth and breadth of research (REF 2014).

Research Beacons

From tackling cancer and poverty to finding the energy solutions of the future, our research is making a real difference to the quality of people’s lives across the globe.

Global Challenges, Manchester Solutions.

Find out how world-class academic research is commercialised by scientists, engineers, medical professionals, business leaders and policymakers.

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Research Impact Case Studies

The University of Manchester’s research is recognised as being of the highest quality, but we make more than just an academic impact.

These case studies show how the work of our researchers also makes a difference to economies, societies and cultures across the globe. Our pioneering minds tackle the world’s greatest challenges, finding new ways forward for governments, businesses and communities.