Social Responsibility Part 5 of 6 – Alumni Profile: Ms Miho Izumi

Ms. Miho Izumi is a veteran in the global education franchise business with a wealth of experience in Business Development and Business Advisory Consultancy.

As the Chief Manager at GPC Gateway Pte Ltd, she takes on the role of an advisor to her clients who have plans for international business expansion, new market entry, business continuity and growth.

Miho graduated with a Master of Business Administration from The University of Manchester. Today, she continues to apply her learnings from the case studies and theories that she was exposed to during her school days in her advisory role.

Besides her devotion to the lifelong learning journey, where she will soon complete an Oxford Women’s Leadership Development programme this year, Miho shares a similar passion as her daughter. She believes in using art to empower others and to connect with people from different backgrounds, ages, gender, and so on.

Having witnessed the impact COVID-19 had on many livelihoods, Miho felt compelled to do her part to give back to society.

“As a member of society, it is my social responsibility to offer a hand to those in need. A collective act of kindness will empower society to improve and work toward a progressive society together,” she said.

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