Social Responsibility Part 4 of 6 – Alumni Profile: Mr Teo Teck Loon

Mr. Teo Teck Loon, Director, Head of Business Implementation and Change Management (Asia) at BNP Paribas Securities Services, is also the Vice President of the Manchester Business School Alumni Association of Singapore.

Teck Loon has fond memories of his interactions with world-class C-suite and senior management professionals who were his MBA classmates. Today, he attributes his career to The University of Manchester’s pedagogies, the immersive learning experience, and peer-to-peer learning sessions, which allowed him to develop his potential for his corporate role.

“We live in a progressive society today. There should no longer be an opportunity gap between the fortunate and the lower-income families. We must strive hard to bridge the gap by empowering all children with skills and learning opportunities. By enriching the lives of children, we also play our part in shaping our leaders of tomorrow,” Teck Loon said.

Teck Loon is committed to his social responsibility and continuously pays it forward in the ways he can, such as magnanimously supporting UOMSEA’s charitable event last year, which focused on empowering lower-income families with skills and opportunities.   

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