Masterclass by MBSAAS: Digital Marketing – 21 April 2022

‘Content is King’ ~ Bill Gates. In the essay that Bill Gates wrote in 1996, he predicted an internet future where the content would make ‘real money’. Fast forward to 2022, 26 years later, the content remains the king – perhaps even more so.

MBSAAS organised a face-to-face Masterclass in Digital Marketing on 21 April 2022. The speaker, Lesley Ngai focused on content marketing, SEO, marketing strategies and brand communications in this 45-minutes masterclass. She also shared case studies that the students and alumni can relate to. Students and alumni found the session engaging and took the time to seek clarity for more answers and tips. They also had a chance to network after the masterclass and proceeded with their Social@M session at Lau Pa Sat.

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