Teo Teck Loon

Vice President – Wealth Management Platform Product Lead (APAC) 
Credit Suisse

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

Learning is a continuous process and it has been my lifelong aspiration to expand my knowledge base beyond the computer engineering field which I specialize in. I believe that an MBA would complement this specialization and help me have a more holistic understanding of my company’s business operations and how I can make positive contributions to my workplace.

What were your key deciding factors when selecting an MBA?

There were several deciding factors for me when it came to selecting the right MBA. Firstly, I was looking to do a part-time MBA from an international university as I would like to be exposed to a more diverse and international learning experience. The accreditation that an MBA had were also important to me as it determines the quality of teaching and support provided by the institution. I was glad to learn that the Manchester Global MBA holds the ‘triple-crown’ status, one of the highest levels of accreditation a business school can achieve. Due to heavy work commitments, I had to pick an MBA that was flexible enough for me to juggle both my work and studies. The Manchester Global MBA allowed me to complete the programme in as little as 24 months or have the choice to stretch it up to 5 years. Last but not least, I liked that the MBA has a strong global network of alumni as it would help to create resiliency in my career by increasing my chances of learning about future career opportunities beyond the shores of Singapore.

What made you choose the Manchester Global MBA?

The Manchester Global MBA checked all the boxes in my ‘key deciding factors’ list – the academic structure and duration of the programme were a perfect fit; and most importantly, the 6 nights of accommodation sponsored by the school to attend workshops at any of its 6 global centres was the ultimate deciding factor as this indeed proved that the MBA is truly international as it encourages students to go out of their comfort zone and be exposed to global cultures and people.

What were the most memorable moment(s) on your MBA journey?

Personally, the MBA programme was very fulfilling and life-changing. I forged many friendships both in Singapore and across the globe. Till now, whenever I travel, I will still meet up with my fellow alumni who are based in that country. Academically, I felt that the learning experience was really enriching and matches exactly to what I was looking for. Of course, the most rewarding experience throughout the entire programme was when I graduated with a Distinction grade!

What were your biggest takeaway(s) from the MBA?

I am academically more well-rounded and socially more well-connected through the vast global alumni network.

How has your career progressed since doing the Manchester Global MBA?

The MBA workshops provides a very safe environment for students to make mistakes and learn from them. Through this learning experience, my confidence in public speaking and presentation has improved remarkably. This had led to my career progression within my organization from an individual contributor to a Team Manager within 5 years.

What are some tips/advice you can share with our prospective students planning to enrol into the MBA?

There are many choices in the market. Potential students have to be aware of what they really want to get out of the MBA programme. Do spend some time to evaluate your deciding factors and match them accordingly to what you want before making your decision. But one thing’s for sure, I’ve never regretted choosing to do the Manchester Global MBA!

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