Lim Li Li

Head of Finance, SEA 
Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

The business environment today is rapidly changing. Staying relevant is important. As such, I decided to pursue an MBA to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of business, improve my strategic thinking and gain access to networking opportunities.

What were your key deciding factors when selecting an MBA?

Key factors include duration of the programme, accreditation and ranking of the university, quality and depth of the courses and the standard of teaching.

What made you choose the Manchester Global MBA?

I decided on the Manchester Global MBA based on the university’s accreditation and ranking, practical-based teaching methods, opportunity to meet up with course mates from all over the globe, interact with peers of varying age groups, and the availability of an accelerated program.

What has your MBA experience been like thus far?

It has been a very fulfilling experience as I have gained tremendous knowledge and improved my strategic thinking skills, both from the professors and my fellow course mates.

How do you juggle your family/personal commitments with the MBA?

It was challenging as I have a very busy work schedule and family commitments. However, I understand that I have to make certain sacrifices when I signed up for the MBA and that I had to remain committed throughout the programme. Some sacrifices I had to make were reducing my internet surfing time and cutting down on social activities. I also had to put in late hours to read the materials and complete assignments. However, the support from my family and close friends helped me through the programme.

What has been your favourite course in the Manchester Global MBA so far? How is the Manchester Global MBA helping you reach your goals?

For the core modules, my favourite has definitely been ‘Strategy and Competition Part B’ as the theories and concepts taught were very relevant to the industry I am working in.

For the elective courses, my favourite so far has been ‘Negotiation Skills’ as the professors conducted it in a very interactive way and I could apply the theories I learnt to my workplace immediately.

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