Au Yang Sian

APAC Director Procurement & Supply Chain Management 
IMI Precision Engineering

“Before starting the Global MBA at Manchester Business School, I had been a supply chain professional for more than 15 years, working across a wide range of industries. Upon graduating with my undergraduate degree, I worked my way up the ranks within the supply chain sector and reached the point where I felt I needed to expand my knowledge of certain business practices.

I wanted to equip myself with a strong foundation across all parts of business I didn’t yet have expertise in. To do this, I wanted an in-depth education at a reputable school. I researched various business schools, including those more local to me in Singapore, but I realised that MBS was the most suited to my needs.

On the MBA course, I wanted to be able to interact with my classmates and lecturers, to gain the widest variety of knowledge and insight possible. This was one of the major reasons I chose MBS; it had the best, and most diverse, network of students, who came from all over the world to study there. MBS’ global ranking was another factor in my selection, ranking highly and above the schools I was looking at in Singapore.

As expected, my classmates all came from a wide array of industries, which made for an eye-opening and enriching experience. For me, the strategic management module was one of the highlights of the course which became an integral learning for my current role now; it taught me to look ahead and plan for all eventualities – a mindset which previously I did not utilise.

The confidence I gained during the MBA was one thing I wasn’t expecting. It gave me the confidence I was lacking in my role to present to colleagues in top management positions. My overall approach to business has also improved; I now explore all perspectives, including financial and operational, when making decisions, which has given me much more of a professional edge.

The MBA actually helped me secure the role I am in now. Ferrero was not just looking for someone with supply chain experience; it was keen to employ a business-minded supply chain professional to help grow the business. I would not have been confident in applying for this job without the MBA. Upon joining the company, I saw that my MBA set me apart from other candidates and it is something that will continue to help me develop within the company.”

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