Redefining Success: Alumni Stories Unfold, Part 1 of 6 – Ms Lim Bee Ing

As the first participant of The University of Manchester’s alumni series, Redefining Success: Alumni Stories Unfold, Ms LIM Bee Ing, Regional Director of The University of Manchester (South East Asia) Centre shares her thoughts on her experience as an alumna of the part-time AMBS Global MBA programme;

Why did you opt for a part-time Global MBA?

A part-time Global MBA was a strategic choice for me. As I was working in the banking sector, a part-time programme was the most conducive option, as it allowed me to seamlessly balance my existing commitments while exploring new career opportunities. By enrolling in the part-time Global MBA, I received an education which both deepened my understanding of financial markets and helped me curate a strong business mindset, while gaining the same certification as my peers who were on campus full-time.

The experience also enabled me to expand my professional network and foster valuable connections within the industry. Coupled with the programme’s unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, I enjoyed a seamless integration of learning throughout, helping me enhance my skills while I actively applied them in my workplace.

Why choose Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS)?

I would say that choosing the AMBS part-time Global MBA programme was an easy decision, for several key reasons. The first was, of course, due to its academic and research pedigree within the prestigious Russell Group of universities, and the university’s rich legacy — one that boasted of Nobel Prize laureates and a tradition of cutting-edge research. I was particularly drawn to AMBS’s pioneering spirit in addressing global challenges, leading to innovative solutions that transform lives.

Additionally, AMBS’s international reputation as a culturally diverse institution meant more than just education; it meant becoming part of a globally renowned community committed to education and innovation, with established recognition for offering top-ranked MBAs. I was also keen on experiencing learning through ‘The Manchester Method’ which — through its emphasis on group work, practice-based learning, and reflection — gave me a holistic learning experience covering both theoretical knowledge and practical applications. This approach uniquely prepared me to navigate real-world challenges, enabling me to excel in my career right from the get-go.

What sets the AMBS Global MBA apart from other MBA programmes?

What truly sets the AMBS Global MBA apart for me is the incredible personal touch it offers. Thanks to the innovative Fly-in Faculty Model, which has faculty members from The University of Manchester fly in for face-to-face workshops, I felt like a valued member of the campus community, even as a part-time student. The wide range of elective subjects available not only allowed me to explore my passions but also seamlessly switch career paths from banking to education.

Beyond that, the intimate class sizes fostered genuine connections and a sense of belonging, making our learning journey truly unique — and being part of a multicultural classroom created a warm and welcoming atmosphere where diverse perspectives were not just encouraged but celebrated. There was also a strong emphasis on collaborative problem-solving and interactive case studies which sharpened my skills and turned learning into an exciting and engaging adventure. Thanks to AMBS, my Global MBA experience became not just an academic pursuit but a transformative and personable journey I’ll always cherish.

How will this help me on a personal and professional level?

The AMBS Global MBA programme has been truly transformative, both personally and professionally. Through foundational modules in operations, corporate finance, and managerial economics, I gained invaluable skills that propelled my banking career, earning me a well-deserved promotion midway through the programme. Upon completion, my enhanced strategic leadership abilities helped me navigate challenges, including both the SARS and the COVID-19 pandemic, guiding my business to emerge stronger.

The extensive alumni network not only facilitated job opportunities but also emphasised the importance of enduring professional relationships. Moreover, AMBS’s commitment to social action projects and raising awareness about social issues not only enriched my learning but also ignited a sense of social responsibility. This journey hasn’t just sharpened my professional skills; it has shaped my character, empowering me to succeed, grow personally, and make a positive impact on the world around me.

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