Kimmis Pun

Managing Director 
Shenning Investments Pte Ltd

“I am a strong believer in life-long learning as it enhances and updates one’s academic and professional knowledge. I have already amassed a number of professional qualifications, so a reputable MBA is a natural extension in terms of complementing my management skills.

The banking industry nowadays is highly competitive and demanding. The MBA programme has equipped me with practical tools to develop talents, drive strategies, deliver outcomes and deal with challenges. It is a valuable asset for anyone concerned with career planning.

Unlike some quick-fix degrees, the programme comprises a well-developed curriculum based on a genuine knowledge infusion philosophy, and is truly global and unbeatable in its coverage due to the provision of subsidized study at other centres and supervised hands-on research and projects.

Networking with fellow students because of the diversity in culture and values was priceless. The diversified network derived from class-attendance in various centres, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Manchester, facilitates a better understanding of cross-continental cultures and stimulates our thinking.

And in terms of time management, time is to be managed by leaders. Determination and perseverance is paramount in prioritizing ambitions among reality. Due to the hectic travel with ample time waiting at airport and inside the plane, reading of study materials and articulation of thoughts becomes good pastimes. As a working mother, it is, of course, difficult to strike a balance between work, study and family. However, having a supportive family and domestic helper alleviates the burden, and gives me room to pursue my passion.”

With careful advance planning and online academic support, the MBA programme, to me, is a bliss.”

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