Harminder Singh

Managing Director 
Smart Ship Hub

Why did you choose to do an MBA?

I have always valued education. Being a professional from the Maritime Industry I wanted to enhance my skills and diversify my competence to align better with the present world economic situation which has been very turbulent and dynamic in the recent past. I wanted to do something of my own and step outside my comfort zone and I felt I definitely need the MBA to change my mindset and move forward.

Why did you choose to do your MBA with Manchester Business School?

Manchester Business School has had a very good overall rating & high global ranking plus a good fit into my budget. Their local presence in Singapore gave me an opportunity to study in a world class Business School. The classes were conducted over the weekends and sometime on Fridays which gave me the flexibility to work and study at the same time. Some weekends were still spare to keep up with my family and kids.

Describe your MBA experience with us

During my time, the MBA programme was extensively spread over 3 years yet even gave me time to celebrate the achievements in between the semesters. There was a variety of business subjects and electives to choose from. The support from the school and faculty professors in Manchester and the student support from the Singapore centre never made me feel left out. It was rather intense continuous involvement using classroom lectures, group presentations, teamwork sessions, overseas class options, digital platform for students to be involved in group discussions, questions with the tutors, and many more academic activities round the semester which kept me so busy and occupied that 3 years just passed by so quickly. It was not an easy MBA to handle but then the benefits were obvious – personally I believe hard work is the key to success.

What did you enjoy most about your MBA experience with us?

I have liked quite a few areas of the Manchester Global MBA. The alumni network is very lively and active which I personally found very beneficial for networking and interacting with people from all sorts of industries. I enjoyed most of the modules and they were simply unforgettable. These modules were conducted with so much of practical approach where every student got his hands on involvement. The practical approach was just perfect for the purpose of understanding the business models and implementing in the real world. The workshop facilitators were very supportive and I even enjoyed the privilege of having a professional coach to assist with our career developments and progression.

Has your career benefited from doing an MBA with us? If so, how?

I personally benefited a lot from this programme in terms of skills and knowledge acquired. The Manchester Global MBA gave me the mental strength to take on the new challenges. It really helped me plan strategies for a few companies which offered me management jobs even while I was still undergoing the MBA programme. I choose a somewhat entrepreneurial route by opening Garrets International office in early 2013. Its been 5 years and Garrets today is established as one of the large maritime catering companies well known in the far east which previously had no presence in the eastern world.

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