Marie Nakamura

Senior Human Resource Partner 
Boston Scientific

“This programme gave me a lot of opportunities in my life. As well as solid knowledge and accreditation, I gained great friends, proactive mindset and colorful cities’ memories of its sites (HK, Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai). I can surely say that this programme contributed to enrich my career and life.

The biggest merit of this course is learning while working. You don’t have to take any risk to stop your current work for this course. In addition, I could apply my learning directly into the practical work. While learning “leadership”, “process management” or “negotiation” etc., I tried and exercised them in my real business situation.

The School has a policy, “Learning by Doing”. Therefore, the programme itself contained a lot of activities such as field research, business simulation or group works. I enjoyed learning with these experiencial activities.

The discussion with my classmates from all over the world broadened my view and raise global mindset. I actually felt difficulty to cut in the enthusiastic discussion and the presentation at first. However, I noticed it is necessary to tell my opinion and try to be more proactive and assertive in the class. This kind of experience can expand business capability and toughness. I could not have gained this type of exposure without going this course.

You would make effort to take balance between this program, work and your private life. But this is not so difficult if you are good at planning since this program has some flexibility which afford “adjustment” to your situation. I actually married, gave a birth to a child and changed my job and house while taking this program although I did not expect and imagine when I started.

I strongly recommend taking this course since you would step into the next stage through the leaning from the course.”

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