Wayne Soo

Group Chief Executive Officer 
FDC Group Ltd 
Managing Partner 
Fiducia LLP

Wayne embarked on his MBA journey in 1999 while juggling his hectic regional financial role with an American multinational corporation. Struck by the unfortunate financial crisis in 2001, he was retrenched but with his newly minted MBA qualifications, he was headhunted within 2 weeks for a Business Development role with a British global organisation. Despite his excellent scorecard, he was unfortunately retrenched a second time in 2004 due to the Organisation’s change in her global strategy.

Fate has its ways and Wayne, empowered with his MBA, decided to set up his own consulting firm to help others who are keen to start their own entrepreneurship journey. Today, Wayne is the CEO of The FDC Group and Managing Partner of FIDUCIA LLP. FIDUCIA LLP is listed as Top 25 largest Chartered Accountants firms in Singapore and is also a member of the Integra International; an international network of accounting firms. Wayne also shared that his MBA journey has been enriching and transformational to his progression and achievements.

Wayne also founded the Manchester Business School Alumni Association of Singapore (MBSAAS) in 2003 and is currently serving as the Emeritus President on the Council. Despite his busy schedules, he recently joined the Manchester Mentors programme, where mentors are assigned to mentees who are seeking for guidance in their career progression or industry knowledge.

“The quality of the MBA is not just about the content of the syllabus and the quality of the teaching faculty, but also the alumni we meet throughout the journey,”

– Mr Wayne Soo, MBA Class of 2001

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