Social Responsibility Part 1 of 6 – Alumni Profile: Mr Wayne Soo

Mr. Wayne Soo, an alumnus of The University of Manchester, is also the Emeritus President of the Council for the Manchester Business School Alumni Association of Singapore, which he co-founded in 2003. He is the Managing Partner of a Top-20 largest audit firms in Singapore, an adjunct lecturer with the Singapore Management University, and a volunteer on the boards of associations and societies in various capacities.  

Behind the veil of his current-day successes is a story of resilience. Despite completing his MBA studies with The University of Manchester in 2001, Wayne had experienced two retrenchments before he decided to take control of his own destiny and started his own accountancy and consulting firm in 2003. The arduous journey, albeit fruitful, has equipped him with the understanding of the hardships of building a career and also inspired him to want to help others in need through various charitable channels.

Last year, he participated in The University of Manchester South East Asia’s 30th anniversary fundraising campaign in support of the President’s Challenge 2022. The event has been a meaningful and memorable journey for him as he was able to pay it forward and give back to society alongside a familiar face. Filos Community Services, a client of Wayne’s audit firm, is also a beneficiary of UOMSEA’s fundraising campaign.

Wayne is a firm believer in the value of learning opportunities. By supporting our fundraising event, he hopes for individuals from lower-income families to gain access to learning and development opportunities that will one day impact their future.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to continuously learn and develop skill sets, and we can do our part to support them in ways that we can. Whether it is volunteering your time or participating in fundraising events like the one organised by The University of Manchester, there is always a role that each and every one of us can play to give back to society,” Wayne said.

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