Jaslin Lau

Managing Partner 
Advenz Pte Ltd

A graduate from the Global MBA programme in 2009, Jaslin is an experienced finance person whose experience spans across areas in financial reporting, compliance and group consolidation with Singapore’s listed companies and various MNCs.

It was through a conversation with a close friend which ignited the spark of the entrepreneurship. With familiarity of the industry and the desire to continue contributing and adding value for her clients, Advenz was conceived.

For Jaslin, the MBA was a key chapter in preparing her for her entrepreneurial journey. As someone who seeks lifelong learning and upskilling, completing the MBA has certainly reinforced her belief in this. The modules in Human Resource Management and Management and Organisation Behaviour from the programme had positively impacted her. She believes in placing emphasis on human capital. She shared that the building of an equally competent team is exceptionally crucial in developing and expanding the business as staff morale along with their commitment drives the achievements in the company and its goals.

The MBA programme has not just widened her knowledge in the various industries, it has also helped her to be more analytical and critical to develop a framework for problem-solving. The extensive alumni network has also connected her to a wider group of friends, classmates, and business contacts too.

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