Entrepreneurship: A Cross Border Perspective by UMAAM, MBSAAS & UOMAAS – 7 Oct 2020

Yesterday evening, on 7 October 2020, the University of Manchester Alumni Association of Malaysia (UMAAM), the University of Manchester Alumni Association of Singapore (UOMAAS) and Manchester Business School Alumni Association of Singapore (MBSAAS) jointly hosted an inaugural webinar, specially organised for the students and alumni in the South East Asia region. The panel discussion  on ‘Entrepreneurship: A Cross Border Perspective’ featured our alumni panellists Mr Melvin Chia, Ms Jaslin Lau and Mr Zamir Rashid, and the session was moderated by our alumnus, Mr Ganesan Periakarruppan. 

Response to the event was immense, with close to 80 people from the Manchester community in Singapore and Malaysia in attendance on the day of the inaugural co-organised event.

Real life experiences from the panellists were drawn from and discussed during the session, with great insights and invaluable advice being shared by our esteemed panellists. Our alumni panellists touched on how they began their entrepreneurial journey, how they dealt with the challenges that they faced and how they eventually overcame these challenges.

Participants were keenly responsive in the session, asked numerous discerning questions on how they could embark on their own entrepreneurial journey as well as how they might be able to explore the possibility of cross borders expansions. A shared love of Teh Tarik seemed to establish the drink as a new symbol of connection between our Manchester community as an alumnus offered to meet up with a fellow Manchester alumni over a Teh Tarik to catch up and further exchange their ideas on the matter. 

A number of new relationships appeared to be forged over the span of the evening and we were heartened to see many requests from our community for a continued and expanded conversation. 

We hope to see you all again at the next event!

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