Redefining Success: Alumni Stories Unfold, Part 5 of 6 – Mr Eng Chun Mun

I would like to share my journey and the impact of the Manchester Global MBA programme has had on my career. Since completing the programme, my professional trajectory has been marked by significant milestones. The programme has sharpened my skills, knowledge, and expertise, particularly in the realm of strategy in a digital age.

The Manchester Method, a cornerstone of the programme, enhanced my approach to real-world business challenges. This immersive pedagogical approach harnessed the power of experiential learning, enabling me to seamlessly apply the latest academic research and contemporary thought leadership to practical business contexts. Rather than limiting myself to addressing purely academic inquiries, I had the opportunity to utilise my business context as the bedrock for exploration, leading to the inception of pioneering and inventive solutions.

This systematic and structured methodology not only provided clarity to my thoughts but also fostered an environment conducive to outside-the-box thinking, emboldening me to institute fresh strategic directions for the progressive growth and transformation of my company. A standout example of this transformation was my pivotal role in orchestrating the redirection of one of the corporate strategies within my previous organisation, propelling it into untapped markets.

Moreover, The Manchester Method fosters a data-driven approach to decision-making, a crucial skill in today’s digital age. This emphasis on data analysis is particularly relevant in my roles within fintech and digital transformation, where digital culture is essential for success.

One of the standout experiences in my MBA journey was the Negotiation Skills elective. The digital age requires more, not fewer social skills and effective negotiation remains indispensable in business contexts. This elective allowed me to apply key concepts like “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement” (BATNA) and “Zone of Possible Agreement” (ZOPA) in simulated negotiations with immediate feedback from peers and instructors. The invaluable skills gained continue to serve me well in my professional life.

The emphasis on social responsibility and ethical leadership in the Manchester Global MBA programme has enriched my views on the matter, especially in the manner in which we lead ourselves and others. While there are many key competencies that a leader should have, I firmly believe that having self-awareness, being firm but empathetic, possessing humility to learn and doing what is right, even when it’s difficult are fundamental wisdom to leading teams, regardless of situations.

Acknowledging the paramount significance of cultivating trust within the team, particularly in the intricate and unpredictable realms of start-ups and transformations, I sought to establish an atmosphere where candid and unreserved dialogues are not only endorsed but also considered a safe haven for expression. Within this environment, diversity is celebrated as an asset, collaboration is held in the highest regard, and mutual respect stands as an unwavering element.

We harnessed the combined creativity and collective experience of our team to yield a distinctive competitive edge for our organisation. My professional journey has demonstrated that some of the most exceptional concepts and solutions emerge through the collective wisdom and contributions of the team.

To aspiring business leaders considering embarking on the Manchester Global MBA journey, I urge you to use the programme to tackle intriguing business problems, leveraging the expertise of world-class thought leaders and resources. Integrate digital technology and fintech solutions into your business strategies to stay competitive in today’s landscape. Most importantly, take the time to reflect on your leadership style as well as the digital and sustainability culture that you want to build and nurture in your organisation, as this will be the foundation upon which you build not only your success but also the success of your team members.

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