Career Development Series: Finding Motivation When You Need It with Andrew Jones – 19 April 2023

We developed the Career Development Series to assist our graduates and current students advance their professions. To land your dream job or grow in your leadership and career, you’ll need soft skills, which are hard to find in books. The Executive Coach, Mentor and Career Counselor, Andrew Jones spoke on “Finding Motivation When You Need It.”

Examining motivation, including what it is, how we find it within ourselves, what our bosses or others may do to motivate us, how to choose work that is in line with our motivators, and how we may use motivation to fuel fulfilling professional lives, are some of the topics Andrew covered. He discussed recent research on inspiration, purpose, and motivation as well as how leaders can balance their motivation with their personality preferences, values, and interests.

Andrew led the participants in building strategies to access their intrinsic motivators. Participants were highly immersed in the role-playing exercises. They worked together in groups to coach one another and clarify their own motivations. The class was beaming with positive vibes!

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