Mancunians Virtual Bowling Tournament 2022

Manchester Business School Alumni Association Singapore (MBSAAS) launched the inaugural Mancunians Virtual Bowling Tournament in November 2022. The University of Manchester students and alumni were invited to participate internationally. It is an innovative way for alumni to socialise and have fun in person while competing against other teams across the globe. The entry requirements were simple: a minimum of 4 Mancunian bowlers registered as a team in a stated location. Submit 2 game scores of the top 4 bowlers to vie for the title.


The response was fantastic, with 67 Mancunian bowlers taking part across 8 locations. The results of the tournament are as follows:

1. Manchester (total pin falls 1,137)
2. Riyadh (940)
3. Singapore (935)
4. Hong Kong
5. Dubai
6. Kuwait
7. Jeddah
8. Tokyo


Congratulations to Team Manchester! The top bowler was Jahann Oberai with a total pin falls of 329. Everyone who took part is a winner for making history with this inaugural event. Special thanks to everyone across The University of Manchester, including the International Centres in Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore for supporting this tournament.

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