Sean (Hyungsik) Pyun

Maritime Consultant and Project Broker 
McQuilling Partners Inc

“In my 10 years of working experience, I have always thought that being a specialist was good enough for my portfolio. However, I realized in recent years that there is a growing need to be more of a “generalist”, should I wish to advance my career to the management level in any company. With that new-found belief in mind, I thought to pursue an MBA, as I believed that it would be very useful in helping me achieve my next goal in life – which was to climb to a managerial level.

Due to my tight working schedule, one of the main deciding factors in selecting the right MBA for me was flexibility – which the Kelley-Manchester MBA clearly provided. Other key criteria for me were the school’s reputation and the global perspectives & network it could provide me. Having an international network and global business acumen was important for me, because we are living in a highly globalized world, with plenty of opportunities to work in multi-national companies, with multi-cultural colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

The Kelley-Manchester Global MBA fit these requirements for me perfectly, and I am happy that I get to experience the best of US and UK business education. I am also happy to say that I will graduate with 2 MBA degrees from 2 of US and UK’s most notable business schools.

With 8 global workshop locations, I am excited about being able to connect with classmates and peers from all over the world and across varying industries. Other than that, I am also impressed by the highly-qualified faculty from both Manchester Business School and Kelley School of Business.

So far, I’ve had the chance to visit Kelley School of Business in Bloomington, Indiana for orientation and residential workshops. The experience I had while I was there was nothing short of outstanding. I’ve learnt a lot from the classmates I met there, and have since forged close relationships with them.

I have since applied to attend workshops in Manchester next semester, and am very excited to be meeting new people from all over the world to add on to my growing Kelley-Manchester network!”

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