Rakesh Sharma

General Manager 
Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Limited

“The Manchester Global MBA elevated my career by equipping me with a wide range of knowledge. I am able to understand, analyse and find solutions for most on-going issues on finance, accounting, operations, international business, marketing and company strategies with the cases and theories I learnt from the programme. The up-to-date course materials allow me to apply the solutions instantly in my work.

In the programme, rather than just canned knowledge, theories are substantiated with real-life examples from companies. The learning process, hence, was very effective and constructive. Moreover, as we were assigned to analyse our own company with the skills learnt, the homework could be applied to my company and so solve real problems.

As I discussed my assignments with my company’s managers, the learning went both ways. On one side I learnt from their experience of managing the company; on the other side I was able to provide them with my new insights and directions, learnt from my MBA. Theories and actual examples about shipping were challenging, but it was a great way to learn and understand the problems in depth. I was promoted to General Manager in the first year of holding my MBA and there is consistent improvement in my overall results.”

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