Joanne Ormandy

Chief Information Officer, UK & Ireland and EMEA Head of Technology Operations 

“I think the knowledge of business strategy and finance I acquired has greatly enhanced my career, as I gained a thorough understanding of end to end business in the programme. The course helped me to fill in my gaps in learning and gain a holistic understanding of business. This has helped me move into more senior management positions, managing P&L’s and driving business strategy.

I am also grateful for having the opportunity to study in four centres. By leveraging and learning about the work experience of the other students, the international modules provide an overview of how companies operate in various markets. The experience has allowed me to better understand the work culture of my team located in other countries.

It was difficult to study while working, especially as I travelled a lot for work. I was lucky that my family, my employer and direct manager were all amazingly supportive. You need exceptional time management skills, prioritising what needs to be done. Don’t leave assignments and study to the last minute.”

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