Virtual Workshops at the Centre from 27 Jan – 3 Feb 2021

Between 27 Jan and 3 February, we hosted a total of 4 workshops, with a large number of new and some returning students attending our Leading and Managing in a Global Environment Part A and Simulation Project virtual workshops with their course-mates.

We received largely positively feedback from students who attended these sessions, as they relished the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds and industries and found the centre a conducive environment in which they could bounce ideas off of each other.

Our students had access to a TV for projection purposes, a simple IT guide within their assigned meeting rooms, and various writing materials were provided to them within the room as well. Access to WiFi was also given to our students, along with a light bento meal for ease of convenience as workshops typically lasted a full-day. 

We look forward to hosting more students at the centre soon!

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