Social Sunday October 2019 – Students & Alumni Networking Event

On 6th October 2019, after the resounding success of last month’s event, another special networking event was hosted successfully by Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) Centre, Manchester Business School Alumni Association Singapore (MBSAAS), Mr Wayne Soo, and the alumni network. A group of 17 Manchester Global MBA students and alumni were joined by special guests, the delightful Mr Oscar Gómez and his spouse, for a wonderful evening of feasting and international discourse. Our attendees hailed from Australia, China, Colombia, Germany, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea and the UK to make for an engagingly diverse evening.

With classic hawker delicacies as sinful as satay (grilled meat skewers), deep-fried chicken wings (marinated in prawn paste), Singaporean fried rice, fried bee hoon (vermicelli noodles with local spices) and local favourite sugarcane juice making an appearance for the night, we hope that our attendees enjoyed their quick dive into Singaporean culture!

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