Giving from Hong Kong

2015 has been very exciting with regards our alumni giving, including recording over 5,000 alumni donors for the first time. Like everything we do, our giving programmes have an international element. From our alumni-funded scholarships made available to international students from disadvantaged backgrounds, to the donor-supported Global Graduates Scheme (read more in this magazine), our philanthropic work and impact crosses continents.

We are also well placed to support giving from overseas in key areas, one of which is Hong Kong, where we have a foundation supporting the work of the University philanthropically.

The Hong Kong Foundation for The University of Manchester (HKFUM) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion and development of continuing relationships of loyalty among our Manchester alumni and friends in Hong Kong and China. If you are based in Hong Kong, you can donate to the University via this foundation.

With the generosity of Hong-Kong based alumni and friends, HKFUM is able to provide valuable support for a range of distinguished scholarships, which attract the world’s best young scholars to Manchester; and our key philanthropic research priorities that seek answers to some of the biggest issues facing our global community.

Thanks to HKFUM and our generous supporters, we have students from Hong Kong and China researching areas such as humanitarian and conflict response, the happiness of people in China and the biomedical application of graphene.

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