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Applying psychology at work

During this podcast, Elinor O’Connor, Professor of Work Psychology, discusses how psychology can help us to understand and manage the impact of a range of …

Original Thinking Applied
Caroline Roberts-Cherry Women Leading in Business
In this podcast we hear from Caroline Roberts-Cherry during our latest Women Leading in Business webinar. Caroline runs Saffron Cherry Productions in Manchester, an independent
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David Gregson and his Young People’s Wellbeing Programme
In this podcast we are delighted to be joined by businessman and philanthropist David Gregson discusses the Greater Manchester Young People’s Wellbeing Programme. During a
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Ethical Vanities: the promise and pitfalls of social responsibility
During this podcast, Professor Timothy Devinney, draws on his expertise to address the question of whether we can have CSR without other forms of social
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How large companies can see the future and rethink innovation

Ismail Amla is Chief Growth Officer at Capita and AMBS alumnus and is recognised as one of the top 100 most influential Black, Asian and
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Artificial Intelligence Systems: an interdisciplinary research agenda

During this podcast, Panos discusses artificial intelligence systems. Research into Artificial Intelligence systems has increasingly moved out of the lab and into organisational and social
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Yukti Bhardwaj Women Leading in Business

In this podcast we hear from Yukti Bhardwaj during our latest Women Leading in Business webinar. Growing up amongst a family of social workers engaged
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The value of human labour part 2

This podcast continues the discussion of critical issues confronting human labour under COVID-19.  Conflicting Covid narratives: The value of supermarket work and implications for the
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Women in Business MBA Student Council

This podcast was recorded at the Women in Business MBA Student Council event held on International Women’s Day. Joining us on the panel were: Professor
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Susan Hayes Culleton Women Leading in Business

In this podcast we hear from Susan Hayes Culleton during our latest Women Leading in Business webinar. Susan is Managing Director of the Hayes Culleton

Recovery and renewal from Covid-19: A year of The Manchester Briefing

One year since the launch of The Manchester Briefing, this podcast explores and collates the key lessons and themes that have emerged from around the
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Communities – the new local resilience capability

During COVID-19 communities around the globe have proved to be an invaluable resilience capability. We have witnessed community responses on a scale and diversity that
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Strategic thinking in a changing world

What does it take to think and act strategically? Strategic thinking is one of the most coveted skills in business but it remains poorly understood.
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