Recovering from COVID-19

In April 2020, at the height of the first wave of COVID-19 across Europe, academics at Alliance Manchester Business School and the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at The University of Manchester launched The Manchester Briefing, a UK funded research project influencing global and local recovery and renewal strategies.

A year on from when the crisis first struck, this special podcast is specifically aimed at students who are interested in hearing how academic research can have a real-world impact through the application of tools, theories and social science.

Our speakers will explore the key lessons and themes that have emerged from the crisis, talk through the societal benefits of this important and timely academic work, and share their views on the big questions that the world faces right now. What makes Covid-19 so different from other disasters? What we are learning from global responses and early recovery efforts? And how do you develop specific guidance on recovery, renewal, resilience?

After the presentations students are given the opportunity to engage with our panellists through a Q&A session.


Duncan Shaw – Professor of Operational Research and Critical Systems, Alliance Manchester Business School

David Powell – Principal Advisor in Recovery, Renewal, Resilience, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Roisin Jordan – Project Co-ordinator in Recovery, Renewal, Resilience, University of Manchester

Dr Nat O’Grady – Lecturer in Human Geography and Disaster, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute


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