Global MBA Masterclasses in 2022

In the year 2022, we were able to hold in-person Global MBA masterclasses due to the relaxation of the Singapore government’s restrictions on international travel.

This provides opportunities for students and alumni impacted by the COVID lockdown period to meet the tutors in person. The masterclasses aim to foster a spirit of continuous learning in our students and alumni by having them apply the theories they have learned to real-world practices through various case studies. 

From March 2022 up to October 2022, we held a series of masterclasses from our Global MBA programme core courses, namely: 

  • Leading and Managing in Global Business Environment
  • Operationalising and Communicating Value
  • Strategy and Competition: The Practice of the Contemporary Firm
  • Business Accounting and Finance

In the post-pandemic world, corporations are increasingly getting more complex. One needs to understand how different business models operate and how to engineer and develop strategies to promote corporate growth and sustainability for their organisation. 

Under the Leading and Managing in a Global Business Environment theme, we invited Dr Paul Evans and Professor Robin Martin to share, impart their knowledge, and bring out critical thinking from our students and alumni. Dr Paul Evans focused on an appreciation of financialised markets and economy as a cultural phenomenon allowing participants to learn the cultural, political economy approach to business studies and conceptual tools in understanding today’s global business environment. Professor Robin Martin delivered the basic concepts of leadership, relationship-based leadership, and biases in relationship quality and provided tools for participants in managing ‘difficult’ people within their working environment. 

Under the Strategy and Competition: The Practice of the Contemporary Firm theme, we invited Mr Paul Patton and Dr Frank Siegfried to provide an overview of topical issues influencing business strategies, innovation and efficiencies. 

Businesses also increasingly recognise the importance of managing the customer experience and its impact on their business. Operationalising and Communicating Values (OCV) Masterclass led by Mrs Dawn Holmes covered this critical subject, ‘Customer Experience Strategy – Creating the Blueprint for your Brand!’

Finally, our students and alumni applied the theories they learned from Business Accounting and Finance to the live case studies comparing General Motors and Tesla. Mr Daniel Ong kept the participants engaged from the traditional balance sheet, first principles, and life cycles to the financial views and perspectives and the prospects and valuation of both companies. 

We hope all participants who have joined the masterclasses found them beneficial and relevant to their professional life. 

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