The Future of RegTech– Impact, Risks and Implications – 13 October 2021

Keynote: The Big Trends in Regtech 2022

  • The state of Regtech in APAC – innovations and opportunities
  • The key barriers to Regtech adoption and execution
  • Impact of the pandemic on Regtech adoption and the continued normalisation of remote working

Panel Discussion: AI implementation in Regtech – Impact, risks and implications

  • Breakthroughs and cutting-edge applications of Regtech, in businesses and society
  • Risks and compliance management with Regtech, including cyber-security and anti-fraud solutions
  • Exploring real-world case studies to discover the business value of Regtech, best practices adopted by organisations, as well as what it means for end-users

Over 450 people registered for our The Future of Regtech 2022 Keynote and Panel Discussion on 13 Oct 2021, a jointly hosted event organised by the Manchester Worldwide S.E. Asia Centre in Singapore, in collaboration with the University’s East Asia Centre in Hong Kong.

The virtual panel discussion saw great success, with high interest and turnout despite the HK signal no. 8 typhoon warning. There was an amazingly positive response from our student and alumni population, with around 177 participants attending the event. The virtual discussion was led by esteemed keynote speaker Andrew Glover, ICA Chief Examiner Asia & Director of Compliance Education, APAC at International Compliance Training Academy Pte. Ltd, and joined by panellists from our Singapore and Hong Kong alumni network- Mr Daryl Pereira, Partner, Head of Cyber at KPMG Singapore, Manchester Global MBA Alumnus, Dr Amanda Lim, Director at ACH Worldwide, Project Supervisor of AMBS Global MBA, Manchester Global MBA Alumna, and Mr Chye Kit Chionh, CEO & Co-Founder, Cynopsis Solutions. The panel had an insightful discussion about the verticals of Regtech, the impact of Covid19 on the Regtech industry, the risks and implications of Regtech, including cyber-security, etc., and the critical questions to ask when assessing suitable Regtech options for organisations needs. 

During the 1.5 hour-long sessions, our panellists also discussed real-world examples of Regtech to provide further exposition and extrapolation, focusing on the Regtech ecosystem in Asia, particularly Singapore and Hong Kong. The event was well-received by participants, and the Q&A has also led to some insightful answers from the speakers. We look forward to having more of these webinars soon!

Speaker’s Profile:

Andrew Glover

ICA Chief Examiner Asia & Director of Compliance Education, APAC at International Compliance Training Academy Pte. Ltd.

Andrew has a solid 32 years of experience in compliance. He began his career in the Financial Services sector in 1986, moving into the Compliance arena in 1989, where he was appointed the CF10 (Compliance Officer) Controlled Function and CF11 Controlled Function of Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

In 2003 he established, and still chairs when in the UK, the Money Laundering Reporting Officer’s Discussion Group (MLRODG). In 2006 he joined the ICA as the Global Director of Education and Training. He had oversight for the UK and International programmes designed and delivered to regions such as APAC, including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mauritius, Melbourne, Sydney, and the United Kingdom.

Following the launch of the Singapore Government competency standards, Andrew relocated to the regional office in Singapore as Managing Director of ICTA, where he designed new programmes, mapped to local educational and regulatory standards in Australia and Malaysia and has introduced the ICA programmes into New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Today, Andrew is the Chief Examiner for the region and focuses on the ICA programmes’ content and the academic aspects. He is also a visiting lecturer and mentor for the University of Manchester.

Panel Speakers:

Daryl Pereira

Partner, Head of Cyber at KPMG Singapore, Manchester Global MBA Alumnus

Daryl is a Partner at KPMG Singapore, where he heads the Cyber Security Consulting practice, providing clients with advisory services on Cyber Strategy & Governance, Red Teaming & Ethical Hacking, IT Risk Management, Privacy, Cyber Architecture, 3rd Party & Outsourcing Risk, eGRC, Cyber Crisis Management, Cyber Incident Response.

With 25 years of global and regional leadership experience working at the intersection between business and IT in Australia and Asia, Daryl has delivered numerous projects, ranging from IT strategy & governance to risk assessment, control design and technology implementation.

Dr Amanda Lim

Director at ACH Worldwide, Project Supervisor of AMBS Global MBA, Manchester Global MBA Alumna

Dr. Lim, Amanda is a Director of ACH Worldwide, a Mentor of HKSTP Mentorship Programme, a Project Supervisor of The University of Manchester (AMBS) Global MBA programme, and a columnist of online & offline magazines. She has driven the success of many private equity projects related to AI, blockchains, Chips, eCommerce, Fintech, Regtech, Healthcare, and Internet-of-Things. Amanda has valuable and reputable corporate consultancy job experience as a business consultant and a project research lecturer. Her consultancy and research projects are AI, fintech, blockchain, biotech, robotics and retail 4.0. She has also published more than thirty articles and research reports related to Digital Economy.

Chye Kit Chionh

CEO & Co-Founder, Cynopsis Solutions

Chye Kit is the CEO & Co-Founder of Cynopsis Solutions. Under his leadership, Cynopsis is recognised as a RegTech100 company and has received the much-coveted MAS FinTech Award in 2018. Chye Kit was named one of the Top10 FinTech Leaders at the inaugural Singapore FinTech Awards 2019.

Chye Kit had over 20 years of banking and financial markets experience in Asia. He is the Chair of RegTech sub-committee at Singapore Fintech Association SEA and serves as a Board Member of the ICA Singapore Education Advisory Board. Chye Kit is also a regular speaker at conferences in the Asian region.

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