Yulia Kuksina

Global Head of Sales and Marketing 
GlobalTrading Journal

“I believe that MBS offers the perfect combination of distance learning and face-to-face interaction, besides being a university of stellar reputation. One of my most memorable moments from my years of study was probably my visit to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for one of my electives “Doing Business in Brazil’. With its emerging economy and amazing culture, Brazil had always captivated me, and when MBS offered an elective there, I felt like I could not give it a miss. On another note, getting my MBA at MBS had certainly helped my career progress, as it taught me to see the bigger picture as a business manager. I was also supremely grateful for being given the ‘Merit’ award for my studies. I’m not a perfectionist as I don’t believe that perfection exists, but I always give things my best shot—I’m focused and not easily side-tracked. With no peer pressure or regular classes to force you to stay ahead, what success boils down to, ultimately, is all based on internal motivation.”

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