Kelly Williams

Commercial Director 
HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates

Why did you choose to do an MBA?

In 2015 I relocated to Singapore with my company to help launch our Southeast Asia subsidiary. With this assignment came increased responsibility and exposure to senior leaders and stakeholders within the organisation. This was an incredible opportunity to learn and demonstrate my core competencies and strengths; however, it also exposed deficiencies in managing a profitable subsidiary. Managing a top line sales budget is much different than delivering a profitable bottom line. After self-reflection and awareness, I decided an MBA from a quality business school would be necessary for my professional development.

Why did you choose to do your MBA with Manchester Business School?

The MBA qualification is becoming more and more commoditised and offered by numerous institutions. As such, the decision to pursue an MBA at a quality business school is becoming more prudent. The University of Manchester and Manchester Business School are world-renowned institutions as demonstrated by their research output, faculty and staff, facilities and networks.

In a globalised economy, we are now forced to work within organisations and environments outside of our comfort zone. This exposes us to diverse individuals and business practices. The Global MBA is a collection of accomplished practitioners across various sectors and geographies. Manchester Business School’s Manchester Method is a distinguishing factor from other MBA programmes. The Method allowed me to work in multinational groups and settings, solve real world business problems and reflect critically on current business practices and management challenges.

Describe your MBA experience with us.

The Manchester Global MBA programme challenged and exposed me to individuals and business practices from across the globe. Studying with diverse classmates and attending workshops from academics and practitioners with global experiences has equipped me with the knowledge base and experiences to grow my career.

Furthermore, the network established with both the Global and Full-Time MBA students, faculty and staff cannot be overstated. The opportunity to share ideas and issues with individuals from various professional backgrounds and experiences offers new insights and management perspectives.

What did you enjoy most about your MBA experience with us?

The global experiences, network and learning. Business is no longer restricted to borders which means learning must be transnational. I have made enduring professional and academic connections on 5 continents! These individuals are readily available to discuss management/business issues or just have a conversation via email, phone or text. Professors such as Dr. Paul Evans have been incredible mentors and teachers, even after the completion of the course. These are friendships which will last for years to come.

How has your career benefited since embarking on the Manchester Global MBA?

I have recently accepted the role as Director of Business Development and Operations for the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. The Manchester Global MBA, coupled with my commercial experience, has adequately prepared me to embark on this challenge. The last two years has been incredibly challenging. Managing an academically rigorous MBA, along with work and family commitments, is a character building exercise. Once completed, however, you feel prepared to take on the world.

Academically, each course could be applied professionally. The B2B Marketing elective is a perfect example of this. After the workshop in Manchester, Dr. Judy Zolkiewski, one of Europe’s great marketing professors, assisted to conduct a portfolio analysis of my current clients. I was able to take this back to my team and apply immediately.

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