Henri Lehkonen

APAC Business Development Leader – Tax & Finance Operate / Tax Technology & Transformation 
Ernst & Young

“I benefited no end from the flexible, workshop-based approach of the degree. What attracted me to MBS in the first place was precisely this flexibility in managing workshops around my packed travel schedule, while still providing face-to-face teaching, group work and networking opportunities. Given that I am a frequent traveller, this is a godsend. I also relish the opportunity to meet new people from a variety of employment, skill and cultural backgrounds – people who go beyond my tightly-knit financial services circle.

At the same time, I gained significant knowledge in subject areas I had not been previously exposed to, including strategy and operation management, while enjoying a refresher on my core strengths in finance and accounting. The course struck me as deeply practical – I was able to take away many concepts from the MBA modules and apply them to my role, especially the strategy subjects, which allowed me to gain new perspectives on global companies.

I took full advantage of the global nature of the workshops, stopping by Singapore, Manchester and Dubai (besides Hong Kong) in completing my degree. It was great to see a new city and meet a new cohort of students, and that working in groups with people from different cultures was a great learning experience.”

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