Digital Disruption & Future of Finance Virtual Panel Discussion – 18 May 2021

Over 380 people registered for our Digital Disruption & Future of Finance Virtual Panel Discussion on 18 May 2021, a jointly hosted event organised by the Manchester Worldwide S.E. Asia Centre in Singapore, in collaboration with the University’s East Asia Centre in Hong Kong.

The virtual panel discussion saw great success, with an overwhelmingly high interest and turnout, and an amazingly positive response from our student and alumni population, with around 200 participants in attendance during the event. The virtual panel discussion was led by esteemed keynote speaker, Professor Ismail Ertürk, Senior Lecturer in Banking and Director of Social Responsibility and Engagement at Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), The University of Manchester.

Professor Ertürk was also joined by panellists from our Singapore and Hong Kong alumni network, Mr. Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport Hong Kong, Mr. William Chan, Director, Visa, and Mr. Patrick Vizzone, Head of Coverage, Hong King & Head of Food, Beverage and Agribusiness, International, ANZ, where they discussed new innovative technologies and how they disrupt present business models and affect finance decisions.

During the 1.5 hour-long session, our panellists also discussed real-world examples in FinTech and Digital Finance to provide further exposition and extrapolation, with focus on Asian markets and the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong, which was well-received by participants and led to some insightful questions from our audience. 

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