Application Process

This MSc in Financial Management equips you with a deep understanding of the tasks finance professionals undertake, and the skills required for a successful career in finance.

Application Process

How To Apply

To apply, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact us on

Early Application Discount Dates

Please contact us. 

To be eligible for an early application discount, you will need to submit a complete application on or before the early application deadline date and if offered a place, accept and pay the first semester fee by the deadline in the offer letter.

University of Manchester Alumni Bursary (15% discount)

If you have successfully graduated from a degree at the University of Manchester or UMIST, you can receive an alumni loyalty bursary, which is a 15% discount on the tuition fees that you are personally funding.

One-discount policy: We operate a one discount policy; discounts and scholarship are not accumulative. If you qualify for more than one discount or scholarship, you will be awarded the one that is the highest amount.

Advice to applicants

To apply for the MSc Financial Management you will need to submit a complete application, which includes the application form and all of the following application documents. Please email the documents with your application form to


Your CV is an important part of our assessment. It should include details of your academic qualifications and any academic distinctions, honours or awards. If you have work experience, include each job you have taken since graduating, starting with your current position; include bullet points of your key responsibilities and achievements.

If your original document is not in English, you must provide a translation from a certified translation. Your transcript(s) should show; the type of degree awarded, the date you started and the date your degree was conferred (date of graduation), the courses you took and the marks you achieved, your final result (classification, GPA or average grade), and the grading scale from the university where you are studying.

You will need to provide official evidence that your English language ability meets the University of Manchester minimum requirements and is sufficient to enable you to fully participate and be successful in the programme. Please see the MSc Financial Management entry requirements for details of the qualifications we accept, exemptions that we can consider, and the official evidence you need to provide.

At least one reference (we will email your referees our online reference form, after you submit the application form)


When completing the application form, include the contact details for two referees. If you do not have work experience we require an academic reference. If you have work experience, you can provide an academic reference and a work-related reference. After you submit the application form, we will send your referees our official reference form, using the contact details you provide, therefore do not ask your referees to submit a reference letter

How your application is considered

We will review your application when it is complete, including the application form and all the required supporting documents (CV, degree transcript(s), evidence of English competence and at least one reference).  We will assess your whole application against the entry requirements and if your application is complete, we will aim to give you a decision within two weeks.

Skills, knowledge, abilities, interests

Your CV is an important part of our assessment.  Please email your CV with your other application documents to

Your CV/résumé should have a simple clear well-formatted layout, no more than two pages in length. Please make sure your CV includes the following information.

Academic credentials

  • Details of all your qualifications; including your Bachelor’s degree, any Master’s degree, postgraduate diplomas/specialisations and professional qualifications.
  • Any academic distinctions, honours or awards.

Professional experience

If you have work experience, please include the following:

  • Each job you have taken since graduating from your undergraduate degree in reverse chronological order, starting with your current position.
  • Include the month/year start and end date, company name and job title for each position undertaken.
  • If you have worked in more than one position for the same company please show each position separately to highlight your career progression.
  • For each position, include bullet points of your key responsibilities and achievements; and if relevant include information about any management experience and reporting levels.
  • It is good practice to include a one or two line description of the context in which each company operates, for example: Global investment advisory firm with operations in 8 countries and $36B USD AUM
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