Yukti Bhardwaj Women Leading in Business

In this podcast we hear from Yukti Bhardwaj during our latest Women Leading in Business webinar.

Growing up amongst a family of social workers engaged in community service, Yukti has come to terms with many struggles in life including the problems of both health and wealth. She has always had the hunger to strive for more and do things differently, rather than going for a traditional path – she studied science in high school, commerce and business in university and went on to build a tech start-up of her own.

Yukti had always been interested in business, which was the reason she left her law degree at Nottingham University in 2016 to join Alliance Manchester Business School to pursue a degree in business and finance. She graduated with a first in 2019 with a degree in BSc Management (International Business Economics).

Hosted by AMBS alumna Claire-Marie Boggiano, Lurig Change & Development.


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