Strategic thinking in a changing world

What does it take to think and act strategically? Strategic thinking is one of the most coveted skills in business but it remains poorly understood.

In this lecture, Professor Mark Healey will argue that the classical view of the strategic thinker as an aloof cool calculator provides a misleading view of the skills required for effective strategic thinking and action in today’s dynamic and complex business world. Rather, we need to see strategic thinking as an adaptive, embodied and collective process, which involves regulating the thoughts and feelings of oneself and others to think and act flexibly in an increasingly changeable world.

Mark will draw on his own research to examine what we know about the capability for strategic thinking – and what more we need to know.

Following the launch of the Rose Review, her role will see her working with key national and regional organisations that support female entrepreneurship to start and scale. This will include the Back Her Business Programme.

Hosted by AMBS alumna Claire-Marie Boggiano, Lurig Change & Development.


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