Resilience Planning & Emergency Management

In the latest of our series of podcasts (in partnership with The International Emergency Managers Society – TIEMS, and Capacity Building International – CBI) our speakers will explore more of the key lessons and themes that have emerged from the Covid-19 crisis, concentrating on the perspectives of strengthening resilience planning and the implications for the emergency management profession going forward.

We will examine how Covid-19 has required different ways of resilience partnership working in the UK, placing new demands on emergency managers; the dynamics of national direction of responses to a health-led emergency, and some of the early challenges of planning for recovery and renewal at the local level.

In introducing a subject that we will explore in further detail with TIEMS, later in this series, we also ask the question of how prepared for Covid-19 the Emergency Management profession feels it was, the challenges that may have arisen for members of TIEMS, and the opportunities for further enhancing the work of the profession.


Duncan Shaw – Professor of Operational Research and Critical Systems, Alliance Manchester Business School

David Powell – Principal Advisor in Recovery, Renewal, Resilience, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Harald Dragar – President of The International Emergency Managers Society (TIEMS)


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