Looking beyond COVID-19

In the unique and challenging world of a global pandemic, the continuity of services and organisational resilience has been critical to maintaining successful operations for both response organisations, providers of essential local services and critical infrastructure (including travel).

In this, the first in a three-part series of podcasts co-produced with the British Standards Institute (BSI), we examine the inter-dependencies between business continuity and resilience planning, and look at how we will move beyond the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our speakers will share their views on the key opportunities for enhancing continuity and resilience and the perspectives of local government, organisational resilience development, small business networks and travel risk management sectors.


Nicola Dawson – Public sector resilience for responding organisations, Somerset County Council

Rick Cudworth – Organisational resilience, Deloitte

Hannah Tankard – Resilience of small business networks, Business in the Community

Kevin Myers – Managing Travel Risks, International Standards Organisation

Hosted by David Powell – Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI), University of Manchester


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