Original Thinking Webinar Karen Niven How Do We Influence Peoples Feelings

In the first of the second series of Original Thinking Webinars this month, Alliance MBS’ Professor Karen Niven discussed how we influence people’s feelings.

Karen presented an overview of her research focused on how we strategically influence other people’s feelings, and why this matters in the workplace. She explained how by effectively managing the feelings of those around us we can achieve key goals in the workplace such as building strong relations, encouraging creativity and boosting moral.

Karen’s webinar was so engaging that we ran out of time during the event for her to answer the many questions posed to her, so she kindly agreed to follow up on these after the event. This allowed her to delve even deeper into the subject in the interview which you can listen to here.

You can also listen to the podcast from the event here and download the corresponding slides here.

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