5 reasons why you should do an MBA for long-term career success

In preparation of a post-pandemic world, you may want to consider using this period to expand your knowledge, skillset and network for opportunities that will arise once the economy recovers. Here are five reasons why the Manchester Global MBA can set you up to be at the forefront once the global economy returns to normalcy.

1. Enhanced career opportunities
The general management expertise you gain on our MBA will not only give you insights across the various business units and functions from operations to marketing, but equip you with practical knowledge on the synergies and potential tensions between functions. This curriculum is unique to the Manchester Global MBA programme where modules are taught in themes, rather than traditional subject silos.

The skillset derived from such approach to learning is desirable among employers seeking new management talent and you can feel confident that even if economic conditions change, you can pivot your career in a new direction because you’ll be employable across almost all industries in a variety of roles.

2. Soft skills
While certain skills can rise and fall in demand, others stand the test of time because they are focused around people and are widely applicable. The ‘Manchester Method’ way of teaching encourages students to constantly put their soft skills – such as interpersonal abilities and harmonious working interactions – to the test in team-based assignments and workshop case study discussions.

3. Vast alumni network support
While the skills you learn on the MBA is tremendously beneficial to you, one cannot underestimate the importance of relationships to hiring choices. When you’re part of our extensive network of over 60,000 global alumni from 176 countries across 6 global centres, you can be sure to leverage on it for career opportunities. Our alumni not only share new job openings amongst their network, but they also connect and share advice and personal stories be it over virtual or in-person networking events.

In challenging times, our alumni network can not only be your career support but a part of your emotional support as well.

4. Cutting-edge educational experience
The Manchester Global MBA programme offers experiential learning that truly enable you to learn by doing, collaborating with your classmates and real business leaders to innovate and solve problems. We also offer the flexibility and customisation in selecting elective courses to meet your personal and professional objectives. With over 20+ electives spanning across 8 business management specialisms, you will be able to explore more specialised or industry-specific subjects that align with your career goals, help you develop or enhance an existing skill, or simply give you the chance to learn about a subject you’re interested in.

5. Lifelong learning and personal development
At Manchester, we believe that your education shouldn’t end once you have graduated, therefore we are committed to supporting your educational journey after you’ve earned your MBA with our MBA+ suite of activities. We actively host student and alumni networking, speaker events, professional & personal development seminars and CSR initiatives be it in a virtual or in-person setting,

Investing in the Manchester Global MBA is a prudent choice for your long-term career prospects in a world that is rapidly changing.

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