Will Lynch CBE

Director Strategy and Client Engagement, Barclays Corporate Banking

The Advanced Management Achievement Course is a three-week highly specialised programme designed for officers moving into management and executive careers. Through practical, interactive sessions, you will develop the confidence and management tools to take the next step in your career.

Why did you decide to join the programme?

I resigned from the Army in July 2017 having served in operational roles throughout my 24 year career. I had no exposure or understanding of commerce or how to run a proper bottom line driven budget.

I did extensive research before deciding to do AMAC at Alliance Manchester Business School as I wanted an experience that would give me an insight into commercial decision making and budget planning. I also wanted to go somewhere that had an understanding of my military background and would be an enjoyable experience in a major business city.

How did you find the programme content and delivery?

Attending AMAC provided exactly the type of experience that I was after. I finished the course with a vastly improved understanding of how businesses make decisions and a much improved understanding of how to run an effective budget. It was also a really enjoyable experience to be among many of my peers and I personally learned a great deal from my course mates.

I would definitely recommend attending AMAC as a stepping stone to transitioning from the military to a civilian job. It gives a great insight into business language and ways of working and was thoroughly enjoyable as well.

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