Julia Perez

Partner and Operations Director of Managed Services – Commercial, DWF

The MSc Management Practice is a part-time, blended learning Masters focusing on leadership development. The MSc is now only available as a top-up to our new PGDip Management Practice, which is up to 100% fully funded through the apprenticeship levy.

You’re at the start of Unit 2, how have you been finding the last few months?

I’m finding the juggling is getting easier so I don’t feel as nervous about things as I did at the start of the course. It’s sort of becoming more familiar because I’m being able to embed it into everyday life around work and family and home commitments. It’s still tough fitting it in. Time management is absolutely critical – planning being here, planning that around work planning the assignments but I feel at least I know what to expect now which is a much more comfortable place to be in than September time.

What are you enjoying the most?

I suppose I’m in quite a lucky position in that part of my role at work involves quite a large scale transformation project, so it’s skirting many of the topics that we’ve studied to date in leadership and in market-led strategy – what I’m finding is that I can really apply it to the job.

The reading is supplementing very real-life issues that I’m actually facing at the moment and it’s really helping me gain a better understanding of how to deal with some of those challenges and giving me a different perspective that I don’t think I’d have had as easily in the workplace or found as quickly as I’m being directed to through being involved in the course.

Are you seeing any impact yet?

I think the leadership module is really good to validate some of the actual experiences, the real-life experiences at work.

The main thing I think is the whole reflexivity and actually taking a step back and just taking the time to think about what you might be embarking on as a project or the assignment.

I’ve found out things about my working approach and my working style that I hadn’t really ever thought about and that became very relevant in the leadership module.

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