Business Services

We know that to grow and develop in today’s rapidly changing, global business environment, recruiting, rewarding and retaining the best people is vital.

Managers of today need the most up to date business knowledge, coupled with the skills to apply that knowledge in the real world, to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) (formerly known as Manchester Business School Singapore Centre) offers a unique range of corporate education services designed to give your business the competitive edge. From short courses that address specific organisational needs, to longer-term career development strategies for your global executives, Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) has the innovative learning solutions you need – backed by the original thinking that has made us one of the world’s leading business schools.

More than just a training course, a corporate education partnership with Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) allows your business to take advantage of some of the world’s best business minds. Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) is at the forefront of international research that drives industries, shapes management thinking and informs policy worldwide.

Many of our academics have relevant industry backgrounds and most are actively engaged in research or consultancy and work for international companies such as Tesco, Telefonica, Lloyds Banking Group and Marie Curie.